The Baltic Youth Camp is a three-day festival where youth representatives from the Baltic Sea Region gather to explore friendship, culture and politics through workshops, small seminars and social activities. We welcome you to the first Baltic Youth Camp gathering! Join us and explore cultural identity and friendships in the Baltic Sea Region. Raise your voice and learn how to influence politics, share your viewpoints on cultural and political topics, meet politicians and stakeholders face to face, join in several interesting workshops on art, technology, human rights, ecology, sustainability and heritage and enjoy excursions, sports and music. Together we will nourish mutual understanding and solidarity.


What is the purpose of mutual understanding and solidarity?

The political landscape in Europe and in the Baltic Sea Region is demanding and ever changing. We face challenges like: citizens’ lack of trust in the political systems, threats to independence and freedom of speech, poor EU-Russia relations, refugee crisis, border controls, extremism and environmental threats. At the same time, countries and regions are more dependent on each other than ever before! This is why collaborations, friendships, understanding and joint actions of countries and regions are of great importance. We believe this to be crucial to keep the Baltic Sea Region peaceful, sustainable and prosperous for the future.


 Who, when and where?

The Baltic Youth Camp is open to all youth within the age group 18-25 years. To participate, you must be from one of the 11 countries in the Baltic Sea Region or from Iceland.

The registration is now closed.  

The Youth Camp will take place on the Island of Wyspa Sobieszewska, at Hotel Orle, right outside the city of Gdansk, Poland. The hotel has all facilities, and a beautiful outdoor area. 


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